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The New Zealand Nutrition Foundation, www.nutritionfoundation.org.nz, is a professional, non-profit organisation whose members believe all New Zealanders should have access to accurate information enabling them to make informed choices about food and the effect it has on their health. We help New Zealanders to make these choices by providing a balanced viewpoint on important issues around food, nutrition and health. 

While New Zealanders have access to more information nowadays than ever before, how can we be sure what we are reading and what we are told is accurate and not just based on activist propaganda or popular opinion? We guarantee the accuracy of all our information and activities by using an independent scientific advisory group. This group is made up of nutrition professors and experts from universities and research organisations across New Zealand. 
The New Zealand Nutrition Foundation, working with Plant & Food Research, developed the eMark to be used with all food and by all consumers to assist with food choices as part of a healthy eating pattern.
Our mission statement:
‘To enhance the quality of life of all New Zealanders by encouraging informed, healthy and enjoyable food choices as part of an active lifestyle.’
‘Kia whakareia te oranga o nga tangata o Aotearoa ma te whakamana i nga wawata hei tohu kai hauora, kai reka, hei oranga kakama’

For over 50 pages of up to date nutrition facts visit our website http://www.nutritionfoundation.org.nz/nutrition-facts.