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Food Week 2011

Food Week is a new initiative from the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation. The inaugural Food Week was held in May 2011 with theme JUST COOK.  Food Week 2012 continues this them and will be held on May 7-13.

JUST COOK was chosen after evaluating research from the Health Sponsorship Council looking at the lifestyle and eating habits of New Zealanders. Their research shows there are a significant number of families, across all demographics, not regularly eating a home cooked meal during the week. Our focus is to encourage this group to prepare and eat more meals at home. Just cooking is a good thing – maybe from that you eat a meal together or have one more vegetable than you would otherwise have had.
In support of JUST COOK, the Health Sponsorship has just completed research on this topic. The results of this research are informing the planning of JUST COOK. One of the key findings was this group wanted more ideas on how to make their ingredients stretch further at minimal risk. They were willing to try new meals based on ingredients they already used and also use a few new ingredients at any one time, as long as the meal wasn’t wasted. Essentially they wanted to know the kids would eat a meal before they would stick their neck out and try something new.
Activities will centre on raising awareness of the basic pantry (includes food cupboard and fridge / freezer) and meals that can be created using these foods plus others purchased as needed.
Check out our facebook page with its interactive cupboard – click on pictures of the foods you have and get meal ideas and recipes for cheap, quick, tasty family meals.
For more information please contact;
Sarah Hanrahan
ph: 09 489 3417 / 021 1185231



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