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Year 10 - Create a meal challenge

Food Week is a new initaitive from the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation with the theme this year of JUST COOK.  The purpose of Food Week is to encourage home cooking and the swapping of ideas.  As part of this, the JUST COOK competition and teaching unit aims to encourage groups of year 10 students to put forward their meal ideas in a fun, informative way that will stimulate discussion.  The teaching unit has been prepared and reviewed by HETTANZ (Home Economics and Technology Teachers Association of NZ) members.  We have some great prizes for the winning students and their teachers. 
For the teachers:  Kenwood Major Titanium Kitchen Machine
                           Kenwood Multi Pro Excel Food Processor
                           Kenwood Triblade Hand Blender
                           Panasonic Inverter Microwave
For the students:  Sunbeam Appliances
                           Cook Books 
                           Grocery Vouchers
                           iPod Shuffles
While the teaching unit ties in with the year 10 curriculum and supports the competition, we appreciate you may already have plans in place than mean you cannot devote 4-6 weeks to the unit right now.  You can enter the competition without completing the teaching unit.  Please encourage your classes to enter the competition, we really want their ideas and for them to show others the great variety of home cooked meals they do eat and enjoy.  Entry details are on the competition details form - upload a video and email the entry form back to sarah@nutritionfoundation.org.nz
As this is the first year of Food Week we are very keen to hear from you.  We want to keep building and improving the programme over the coming years.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any comments, suggestions or ideas.
One last point, the JUST COOK facebook page and web page go live at the end of this month, until they are live there is no where to upload videos to!
For a copy of the teaching unit and competiton details please contact Sarah Hanrahan sarah@nutiritonfoundation.org.nz


4:20am 26th May 2012

On the link for Sarah's email asking for a copy of the teaching unit there is a typo'. It should read @nutritionfoundation.org.nz

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