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Here are some tips on how to get moving that all the family can enjoy!

An easy way to get moving is by adding more activity into everyday life, not necessarily organised activity. Walk or bike rather than driving down to the local shops/school/work. Go for a walk at lunch time and take the stairs rather than the lift wherever possible.

Try to gradually increase your activity as fitness improves, aiming for 60 minutes or more of 'moderate to vigorous activity' everyday. Adults need at least 30 minutes a day while children and young people 5 - 18 years old need at least 60 minutes. Moderate to vigorous exercise means an increased heart rate and some ‘huffing and puffing’! This doesn’t need to be a chore. Try to find something you enjoy. Joining a club or finding someone to exercise with can be great motivators! Here are some ideas:

  • Group fitness classes - there is something for everyone, from yoga and pilates to boxing.
  • Dancing - This is a fun way to burn lots of energy. Try rock ‘n roll, salsa, jazz, ballroom or even belly dancing!
  • Skipping - This can be done in the privacy of your own home, but make sure to move all the breakables out of the way.
  • Indoor sports are growing in popularity and include squash, netball, cricket and soccer.
  • Get outdoors with golf, tramping and orienteering.
  • Swimming, aqua-jogging and aqua-aerobics are a great low impact option.
  • Check out your local recreation or leisure centre or sports club or www.sparc.org.nz for other ideas and activities in your area.