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what are emarks - healthy sandwichesThe eMark is a symbol used in a new system of food and drink classification that provides a simple guide to healthy eating. Once you get the hang of it, you will find the eMark system a quick and easy way to make the right food choices for your body and your lifestyle.

Anyone can use the eMark system, no matter what age, height, weight or level of physical activity. This is because eMarks classify foods and drinks in terms of their nutritional value as a whole, rather than focusing only on their fat, sugar or sodium content like most healthy eating plans do. An eMark doesn’t say that any food is good or bad, only how much energy it will give you, how long it will keep you going, and how much of it to include in your diet. 

The eMark symbol is made up of:

  • a number between 1 and 5, which tells you the amount of energy (kilojoules) the food contains, and
  • a colour – blue, green or yellow, which tells you how long the energy from the food will sustain you.

Unless you are an elite athlete, most of the food you eat should be eMarked with the numbers 1e-3e, and the colours blue and green.

The healthy eating key: choose mostly eMarks 1 and 2, some 3's - blue and green

The eMark value of a food also determines the serving size, which is an important part of our recommended meal plans.