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A green eMark on any food or drink means the food is broken down faster than blue foods, but not as fast as yellow foods. A food eMarked green can keep you going for a couple of hours depending on your physical activity during that time.

Green foods are useful for snacks between meals, or if you have skipped a meal. They can also help to replenish your energy after moderate activity, such as a brisk walk.

Find out how many green foods fit into your recommended eMark meal plan

Examples of green foods

eMark Food
1e green Porridge (plain), potato (baked or boiled), pumpkin (boiled)
2e green Fresh pasta, brown rice, bulgar, some breakfast cereals
3e green Savoury muffin, wholemeal bread roll
4e green Muesli bars, garlic bread, buttered popcorn
5e green Peanut brownie, cream filled wafer biscuits