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A yellow eMark on any food or drink means the food is broken down rapidly, and used to provide a quick burst of energy.  However, this energy will not sustain you for very long.

Yellow foods are useful if you train, run or play sport regularly at a moderate to intense level. You can eat something eMarked yellow to provide instant energy before exercise,  or to replenish your energy afterwards.

However, if you are trying to lose weight, it is best to avoid or restrict yellow foods because they will not satisfy your hunger for very long and you will probably end up consuming more energy than your body needs. Then, because it is an efficient machine, your body will store the unused energy as fat – and it takes a lot more effort to burn fat than to burn glucose.

Find out how many yellow foods fit into your recommended eMark meal plan

Examples of yellow foods

eMark Food
1e yellow Couscous, plain spaghetti, canned spaghetti in tomato sauce
2e yellow Basmati rice, boiled wholemeal pasta, rice pudding
3e yellow Cornflakes, muesli, rice cakes
4e yellow Pretzels, rice crackers, candied popcorn
5e yellow Currently there are no 5e Yellow products in our database