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All foods and drinks can be classified by an eMark number from 1 - 5. The eMark number indicates energy density, which is the amount of energy (kilojoules) per gram of the food, or per 10mls of the drink.

Low and medium energy density foods (1e - 3e) usually have a high water content: for example, fruit, non-starchy vegetables, milk and yoghurt, some fish, tofu and other soy products.

High energy density foods (4e and 5e) have a larger number of kilojoules in a small amount of the food, and usually contain high amounts of sugar, fat, or both: for example, chocolate, butter, lollipops, and some healthy fats and oils.

For healthy meals and snacks, therefore, you should choose mostly 1e and 2e foods, with some 3e and eat 4e and 5e foods only in small amounts.

As well as eMark numbers, you need to take into account eMark colours and which food groups your choices fall into.

See how it all works in your recommended eMark meal plan