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Foods and drinks that are classified as 4e are high energy density foods (15-20 kilojoules per gram). These foods are usually high in fat, sugar, or both, so the recommended serving size is smaller than 1e, 2e and 3e foods.

4e foods include some cereals, some crackers, high fat cheeses, sweet biscuits, dark chocolate and other confectionery. Even if you are not watching your weight, you should limit how much and how often you eat these foods. For most people, we recommend only one to three small servings of 4e foods per day.

Find out how many 4 e foods are in your recommended eMark meal plan

Examples of 4e foods

eMark Food
4e Blue Colby cheese, croissant, shortbread
4e Green Muesli bars, garlic bread, buttered popcorn
4e Yellow Pretzels, rice crackers, candied popcorn