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This food group includes pasta, such as fresh fettuccine and macaroni, breakfast cereals, rice, barley and semolina.

Where possible it is important to choose wholegrain cereal products. There is evidence to suggest that regular consumption of wholegrains may have a role in the prevention of chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease and diabetes. The exact mechanisms by which cereals convey beneficial effects on health are not clear, although it is likely that a number of factors may be involved, e.g. their nutrient and fibre content.

Due to the variety of foods included in this food group the foods cover the range of e numbers from 1e to 4e and all three of the energy release colour bands. When choosing Rice, Pasta, Cereal, Grain products you should refer to the key eMark message of 'choose mostly 1 and 2, some 3's - blue and green'.

A way that the eMark can help with your food choices for this food group is when you tackle the breakfast cereals aisle in the supermarket. It can be difficult to compare the nutrition of similar cereal products and can become confusing due to the large number of products. With the eMark you can decide which cereal is most appropriate to your needs. You can achieve this by comparing the energy density and energy release colours. A cereal rated as 3e blue may be more appropriate if you are watching your weight and wanting a sustained energy release product compared to a cereal labeled as 4e yellow which has a higher energy density rating and only short energy release.

Some examples of Rice, Pasta, Cereal and Grain products are listed in the table below:

Food item eMark Serving size
Bulgar, boiled 1e green 1 cup (171g)
Fettuccine,fresh,herb & garlic,cooked 2e green ¾ cup (115g)
Macaroni, boiled 1e green 1 cup (173g)
Bran, cereal 3e blue 1 cup (59g)
Cereal, extruded, shaped & flavoured 4e green 1 cup (39g)
Muesli, toasted sweetened 4e blue 1/3 cup (33g)

Most people should aim for at least 2 servings of Rice, Pasta, Cereal and Grain products per day, although this is dependent on your personal requirements. Click here to find out which Rice, Pasta, Cereal and Grain serves we recommend for you as part of your healthy eating plan!

Foods from this food group can be incorporated into meals and snacks by having a bowl of cereal as part of your breakfast, crispbreads topped with tomato as a snack and a pasta dish as a main meal.

Use our Product search to find out what the eMark rating is for the Rice, Pasta, Cereal and Grain products you enjoy eating!