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Condiments are defined as ‘sauces and low fat spreads consumed in small amounts’. This food group covers the range of eMark numbers (1e to 5e) and all three eMark colours. Commonly used condiments include tomato sauce, low fat salad dressings, jam and honey.

We recommend up to three servings of condiments a day in quite small serving sizes. Although you may not think they add much energy to your daily intake, condiments can provide excess energy if eaten often and in large servings.

Some examples of serving size of foods from the condiments group are as follows.

Condiment eMark Serving size
Honey 3e blue 1 teaspoon (8g)
Jam 3e blue ½ tablespoon (9g)
Sauce, tomato 1e blue 1 tablespoon (23g)

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