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‘Other’ foods are defined as ‘foods that do not fit into the main groups’ and ‘are not essential to provide the nutrients the body needs’. This food group covers the range of eMark numbers (1e to 5e) and all three eMark colours.

‘Other’ foods and drinks include:

  • items with low nutritional value - for example, soft drinks
  • items containing more than 10g per 100g of saturated fat - for example, most cheeses, bacon
  • fats and oils with more than 20g per 100g of saturated fat - for example, butter and palm oil.

Eating large amounts of ‘other’ foods is not good for your general health, and can lead to weight gain. However, foods from this group can be included in your daily meal plan in appropriate serving sizes and number of serves.

A good rule of thumb is: when you feel like a snack, make your first choice a food from one of the core food groups - fruit, vegetables, milk, yoghurt and cheese, breads and cereals, or meat and alternatives. If you must have a ‘treat’ from the ‘other’ food group, restrict your serving size. For example, pour a few potato crisps (‘chippies’) from the bag into a small bowl so you can see how many you are eating and put the rest of the bag away, or break off two squares of chocolate from a block and put the rest back in the fridge.

When you do include ‘other’ foods in your diet, choose those that fit your own personal requirements: 1e or 2e foods if you are watching your weight, 4e or 5e foods if you need extra energy before or after exercise. Choose blue foods if you want more sustained energy, or yellow foods if you need a quick burst of energy before undertaking strenuous activities.

Some examples of serving size of ‘other’ foods are as follows.

Food item eMark Serving size
Butter 5e blue 2 teaspoons (11g)
Cheese, Colby 4e blue Thick slice (21g)
Chocolate bar 5e blue 2 squares (16g)
Potato crisps, assorted flavours 5e blue Small bowlful (16g)
Soft drink 1e green ½ can (197ml)

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