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Non-starchy vegetables are mostly eMarked 1e blue, indicating that they are very low energy density foods that give you long-lasting energy levels. You can include plenty of non-starchy vegetables in your daily meal plan.

Non-starchy vegetables include tomatoes (although really a fruit), lettuce and other salad greens, carrots, broccoli, bok choy, cauliflower, capsicums, cucumber, eggplant, mushrooms, spinach, silverbeet, cabbage, celery, asparagus, green beans, onions, spring onions, Brussels sprouts and bean sprouts.

You can add non-starchy vegetables like capsicums or mushrooms to an omelette, or have cooked spinach with poached eggs in the morning. Always include a salad or at least one serving of cooked non starchy vegetables in your main meal, and eat sticks of carrot, celery and cucumber as snacks during the day.

Serving sizes for non-starchy vegetables are shown as ‘at least’ because of their very low energy density and high nutrient content. This means you can eat more than the ‘at least’ amount without worrying about weight gain.

Find out which non-starchy vegetables are in your recommended eMark meal plan

Vegetable eMark Serving size
Tomatoes 1e blue 1 medium tomato (at least 100g)
Lettuce 1e blue 1/3 cup (at least 50g)
Carrot, raw 1e blue ½ carrot (at least 100g)