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Starchy vegetables are eMarked 1e or 2e, blue or green, indicating that they are low energy density foods that give you long-lasting or medium energy levels. The recommended number of servings of starchy vegetables in your daily meal plan will depend on your sex, age, and energy requirements.

Starchy vegetables include potato, kumara, taro, sweet corn and parsnips. Healthy ways to serve starchy vegetables include baking or boiling a potato or kumara for your evening meal, or making leek and potato soup (with milk or stock, not cream!) for lunch.

Find out which starchy vegetables are in your recommended eMark meal plan

Vegetable eMark Serving size
 Potato, baked in skin, microwaved 1e green 1/2 cup (98g)
Parnsip 1e green 1 parnsip (129g)